1. When will my Mahomie High membership period begin?

If you purchased your membership during pre-registration (before the full community launched), your membership period began on the day we launched the complete mahomiehigh.com  -- February 22nd, 2013. If you purchased any time after that, your membership began on the day you purchased it.


2. How long will my Mahomie High membership last?

Your Mahomie High membership will last for one year, plus three months if you purchased your membership during pre-registration!


3. How much are Mahomie High memberships?

Membership packages range from $9.99 a year -- only 83 cents a month! -- to $89.99 for the Senior package which includes a TON of Austin & Mahomie High merch


4. Do you store my credit card information?

We never store any credit card information. Your transaction will be safe and secure!


5. Will you charge my card each month or at the end of each year?

No, there is no recurring charge as we don't store your credit card information. The price you see is the total you will pay in one transaction, for the whole year (minus tax and S&H fees). At the end of your membership period, you will need to purchase another membership if you want to renew for next year.


6. Will I be able to buy presale tickets and/or VIPs with any membership?

Yes! All memberships come with access to presale tickets and VIPs for Austin's concerts, when available.


7. Does the Freshman membership come with any merch?

The Freshman membership is a digital membership only, granting you access to all online areas of mahomiehigh.com and a sweet digital Mahomie High ID card to add your photo to and print out!


8.When will my package ship?

We have almost all Mahomie High merch in our warehouse; we are still waiting on a few items. We just wanted to make sure all your merch was up to Mahomie High standards before ordering it. Your package will ship in approximately 4-6 weeks. Thank you for being so patient!


9. How many posters come in the Senior membership?

Only one -- but it's SIGNED by Austin!