Hello, Olivia! Meet July's Mahomie of the Month.

July 13, 2015 by User 24 Comments
Hello, Olivia! Meet July's Mahomie of the Month.


My favorite Austin moment was when I saw him last summer in Greensboro, NC. I had the chance to be on stage with him and be u girl. It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget!
Besides Austin, I also enjoy listening to Taylor Swift, Jacob Whitesides, Shawn Mendes, and Justin Bieber.
If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to London to experience the unique culture.
My favorite song is Dirty Work by Austin! I really love the catchy beat and it makes me so excited for his album.
My favorite Austin lyric is "i've been loving you so long and now that I got the chance I see you need to dance on your own. so i'll wait another day, maybe another year, i'm gonna be right here"
My favorite summer activity is going to the beach with my family!
My favorite places to go shopping are American Eagle and Urban Outfitters.
Some of my hobbies are photography, hanging out with my friends, and traveling!
Twitter: @kidrauhlmahone
Instagram: @oliviapyatak
  1. On Jul 16, 2015, Mack said:

    Your so lucky

  2. On Jul 16, 2015, Mahomie_Bunny said:

    Your so lucky!! :D

  3. On Jul 15, 2015, Diana Valadez said:


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  5. On Jul 15, 2015, blah blah said:

    Congrats on being mahomie of the month!!

  6. On Jul 14, 2015, olivia pyatak said:

    I hope you can go see him! his last tour was amazing :)

  7. On Jul 14, 2015, isabellea said:

    Lucky you are but my mom likes him and Now if he comes to Alanta Georgia last year I missed it but if he does come this Year I asked my mom if I could go to his concert she said Sure! and Austin did call me pretty and supportive because my friend showed him my youtube videos :D

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  9. On Jul 14, 2015, Jessiie06 said:

    Congrats! :)

  10. On Jul 14, 2015, olivia pyatak said:

    thank you!