Watch Austin's New Emotional Video For His Grandma

September 25, 2015 by User 11 Comments

  1. Maddie Taylor avatar

    On Dec 17, 2015, Maddie Taylor said:

    OMG i was CRYING like that was sooo beautiful!!! :)

  2. TheBriannaPalm avatar

    On Dec 12, 2015, TheBriannaPalm said:

    I actually really love this song. It has real meaning and I think everyone should listen to it. I really like the chorus of the song!

  3. Yainny Carrizo avatar

    On Nov 21, 2015, Yainny Carrizo said:

    :'( this song makes me cry... It's beautiful!

  4. Yeselin23 avatar

    On Oct 15, 2015, Yeselin23 said:

    I love this song sorry for your lost

  5. Ashley oloriz avatar

    On Oct 11, 2015, Ashley oloriz said:

    this song makes me cry

  6. olivia pyatak avatar

    On Oct 10, 2015, olivia pyatak said:


  7. olivia pyatak avatar

    On Oct 10, 2015, olivia pyatak said:

    we waited so long for this and it's finally came out!

  8. Jessiie06 avatar

    On Sep 28, 2015, Jessiie06 said:

    Can't watch it :( It's blocked.

  9. Gabby ac mahone avatar

    On Sep 27, 2015, Gabby ac mahone said:

    I am crying this reminds ms of my Nana (grandma) I lost a little over a ye

  10. MontrealUGirl avatar

    On Sep 26, 2015, MontrealUGirl said:

    The song make me cry so much


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