Europe and Asia VIP Pre-Sales

February 9, 2016 by User 24 Comments

Austin has just announced 12 new shows taking place this April! The shows will be taking place all across Europe and Asia, and fan club members will get an exclusive first shot at VIP Meet & Greet packages before they are available to the public!

Starting Wednesday, February 10 at 10 am local venue time, current members will have access to VIP packages for the following dates:

7 April 2016 - Singapore @ The Coliseum at The Hard Rock Hotel
9 April 2016 - Manilla, Philippines @ Asian Bay City
12 April 2016 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Arenan, Fryshuset
13 April 2016 - Oslo, Norway @ Sentrum Scene
14 April 2016 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Falcon Theater
15 April 2016 - Hamburg, Germany @ Docks
17 April 2016 - Paris, France @ La Cigale
18 April 2016 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkweg
19 April 2016 - London, United Kingdom @ Indigo2
21 April 2016 - Milan, Italy @ Fabrique
23 April 2016 - Oporto, Portugal @ Coliseu Do Porto
24 April 2016 - Madrid, Spain @ Sala La Riviera

There is no password required to access this pre-sale. Current fan club members can simply login to their account and visit the desired event listing above.

The Austin Mahone VIP Meet & Greet Experience

- One Exclusive Meet and Greet with Austin Mahone
- One Individual Photo Opportunity with Austin Mahone
- Special Pre-show Access to the Austin Mahone VIP Soundcheck Party
- Pre-show VIP Soundcheck Party includes Special Acoustic Performance by Austin Mahone (typically 2-3 songs)
- Preshow VIP Soundcheck also includes a Q&A Session with Austin Mahone
- One Autographed, Limited Edition Austin Mahone 8x10 Photograph
- One Commemorative Austin Mahone VIP Tour Laminate
- Early Entrance (where available)

For a full list of upcoming shows, head over to the Events Page

  1. Mahomie46 avatar

    On Apr 28, 2016, Mahomie46 said:

    How can i have the refund?

  2. Orima avatar

    On Mar 15, 2016, Orima said:

    I'm very happy !!! It's soon and i have my ticket VIP to meet Austin!! Thank you :)

  3. Hope97 avatar

    On Feb 23, 2016, Hope97 said:

    But the vip package costs too much :-/

  4. Hope97 avatar

    On Feb 23, 2016, Hope97 said:

    I can't wait to see u in Milan *_*
    I bought the ticket yesterday !

  5. Lakie20011 avatar

    On Feb 15, 2016, Lakie20011 said:

    No plans for coming to Africa and especially Morocco TT____TT

  6. Milly  The Mahomie avatar

    On Feb 14, 2016, Milly The Mahomie said:

    I want VIP for singapore concert. I'll do watever it takes.

  7. yungmahone avatar

    On Feb 13, 2016, yungmahone said:


  8. Mardelgal avatar

    On Feb 13, 2016, Mardelgal said:

    I AM GOING VIP!!! Can't wait to meet Austin after 3 years of being a Mahomie ????????????

  9. Nana Kitty avatar

    On Feb 13, 2016, Nana Kitty said:


  10. Hajar Sofea avatar

    On Feb 13, 2016, Hajar Sofea said:



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