Austin's Latest Trip

June 21, 2016 by User 5 Comments
Austin's Latest Trip

Austin is wishing his girlfriend Katya Elise Henry a happy birthday in the cutest way ever. They were on vacation last week in the Bahamas for Katya's romantic 22nd Birthday celebration. What better way to spend her 22rd birthday than in the Bahamas?! Austin made things extra special; he surprised her with a gift he made himself. He made a jar containing ''22 Things I Love About You''. They swam with the dolphins, enjoyed the beach and relaxed in the sun. Austin certainly knows how to make Katya happy, that’s for sure.

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  1. On Jun 25, 2016, Cindy Pedneaud said:

    i'm happy that she's in his life they deserves the best

  2. On Jun 22, 2016, MateoLeblanc said:

    Katya is a good girl for Austin. Austin is so happy with her and I'm so happy for them relationship goals :)

  3. On Jun 21, 2016, yungmahone said:

    she make him happy, and I really appreciate that

  4. On Jun 21, 2016, vxnessam said:

    I love them so much

  5. On Jun 21, 2016, vxnessam said:

    they're so cute together